Deadline extended

GENLOC Call for Papers Wroclaw – Deadline Extended

We wish to inform that 1 April is the new deadline for submitting proposals for the session in Wroclaw.

The Theme is: “New insights at the intersection of genealogy and other professional communities – including librarians, archivists, historians, demographers, linguists, anthropologists and geneticists”


We are specially interested in:

  • Innovative projects in use of historical and genealogical collections
  • Intergenerational perspectives in Genealogy and Local History projects
  • Integration of genealogical materials and research into school curricula
  • Collaborative work with historical and genealogical societies
  • Harnessing the energy of volunteers
  • Genetic genealogy and the promise of DNA

Submissions in other formats than academic papers (such as reports and essays) are welcome.

Convenor for the session, Kate Cordes, New York Public Library,  can be contacted directly at:

IFLA WLIC 2017 website:

Bozena Rasmussen

IFLA Genealogy and Local History Standing Committee


You can also follow us for news, photos from Wroclaw (the conference places), travel tips etc. on:
Genloc Facebook:
  Twitter: #IFLAWLIC2017Genloc


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