Thanks Vilnius


Dear All,

Chihfeng and I would like to thank you all, institutions, organisations and individuals, for the support, engagement and practical work that made the IFLA Genealogy and Local History Satellite Meeting in Vilnius 16-17 August a successful event for the international guests, for the presenters and for the organizers.

First of all, we would like to thank the main organizers – the Martynaz Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania and its director Renaldas Gudauskas, as well as Vilnius University and Professor Arvydas Pacevicius, for sponsoring and organizing the E-learning workshop on the first day and the main session for the Genealogy and Local History session on the second conference day. Our thanks go also to the individuals who worked hard in order to make the both days well organized: Monika Kundelyte, Aurimas Valys and the guides to the library visit.

We would like to thank our Tord Hoivik, Norway for the excellent E-learning presentations and the well-prepared hands-on sessions. The planning work and support of Mantas Janavicius,  National Library of Lithuania and Vigintas Stancelis, from Vilnius University was also essential.

We would like to thank the presenters, who came from many countries (Romania, Hong Kong, Japan, Brasil, Latvia and Lithuania), who made the main session very interesting. We thank  Cherie Bush for convening the Genealogy and Local History session and Daniel Horowitz from MyHeritage for his excellent introductions to DNA and genealogical data bases.

We extend our thanks to all participants who came to Vilnius for this conference.
A special thank to those who helped the discussion along by acting as group moderators during our “world café” discussions. We also thank the members of our SC who helped the conference go smoothly: Maja Markhouss, from Sweden, and Cherie Bush, Russell Lynch and Joyce Jelks, Mattye Laverne from United States, also Gloria Mims and Joan Weeks from United States and Jørgen Betten, Norway. We will remember Vilnius City for the excellent food we could enjoy with our friends in the evening.

Our final thanks go to the Standing Committees of the Asia and Oceania Section and the Information Technology Section, for their cooperation in organizing this joint conference.

Our Best Wishes to all.

Bozena Rasmusssen
Chair 2015-17

Chihfeng P. Lin,
Chair 2017-19

IFLA’s Genealogy and Local History SC


BR 25th September 2017.

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1 Response to Thanks Vilnius

  1. albion0542 says:

    What a splendid message! Congratulations to everyone, especially Bozena who has worked so had over the last two years to encourage members of the Section. Elizabeth Melrose

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