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IFLA Wroclaw 2017 – Thanks

On behalf of IFLA Genealogy and Local History SC, Bozena and Chihfeng would like to extend our thanks to all institutions, organisations and individuals who contributed to the successful Genealogy and Local History session on August 21 in Wroclaw.

First of all, we want to thank the Lower Silesian Public Library (Dolnoslaska Biblioteka Publiczna im. Tadeusza Mikulskiego) and its director Andrzej Tyws for providing the venue, so that our meeting could take place at his library. We thank the library staff for their excellent practical support before and during the event:  Mariusz Gabrysiak, Michal Zurawski and Rafal Werszler from IKT section and Ewa Bednarkiewicz.

We would like to thank the international presenters: Milena Kostić and Vesna Vuksan both from University Library “Svetozar Markovic”, Serbia, Mastura Muhamad, Norelmin Sapuan, Hikmah Hassan, Mohamad Fadzli Mohd Fauzi, Juliana Es Mohd Munawir, all from the Selangor Public Library Corporation, Malaysia, Kathryn Philips, UNIUYO,  Nigeria, Milena Dobreva-McPherson, University of Malta, Malta (video presentation) and Helen Chan, Lam Tin, Hong Kong, for their excellent presentations. Many thanks to Kate Cordes for convening the session.  We also thank Daniel Horowitz from MyHeritage for his enlightening introductions to DNA and genealogical databases.

Several members of our SC should be mentioned: Maja Markhouss, from Sweden for practical work during the session and  Russell Lynch, Cherie Bush, Frank Kirkwood, Joyce Jelks (with Gloria Mims, Joan Weeks, May Chang, James Hastings and Tord Hoivik), for supporting and serving as moderators during the session.

We also thank the Standing Committees of the Asia and Oceania Section and the Information Technology Section for their willingness to organize this joint event, for support and cooperation in reading and evaluating the proposals and for promoting this off-site session.

We would also like to congratulate Prof. Roman Motulsky, Director of National Library of Belarus with the successful Belarus Special Session at the same venue dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Belarussian book-printing and personal grretings from the IFLA’s president Doona Scheeder. We thank Radmila Bukach for an excellent cooperation.

We thank the city of Olesnica for supporting our conference in Wroclaw on Monday 21 August and providing us with two excellent volunteers, Malgorzata Rokosz and Agata Rorat.

During the library visit tours on Friday August 25 we had the opportunity to visit first Olawa and then Olesnica. In Olesnica we had a chance to admire the beautiful town, the museum and the public library. We had also an opportunity to hear the history of “chained books” library at the main local church, told by the priest Wladyslaw Ozimek.

We thank Anna Zasada, the library director, and Michal Kolacinski, the mayor of Olesnica for welcoming us, and to Stanislaw Krol for an excellent introduction into Olesnica’s and the library’s history, and thanks to all the volunteers for making our stay in Olesnica warm and interesting. We also remember the tasty lunch provided at the library.

Best  Wishes to all.

Bozena Rasmussen, Chair 2015-2017 and

Chihfeng P. Lin, Chair 2017-2019

IFLA’s Genealogy and Local History Standing Committee

BR, 26th September 2017.


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