Athens Meeting

Athens Meeting

IFLA takes for granted that

  • The world needs libraries more than ever
  • A connected library field is the only way in which we can address many
       of the challenges facing libraries and librarians.

The aim of the IFLA meeting in Athens is:

  • to make IFLA a more inclusive organisation
  • to have involvement from IFLA’s professional units and members in major decision making processes
  • to form a global vision of how a connected library field can meet the challenges of the future”

Genloc is sending two delegates, Petro Coreejes-Brink and and Cecilia Salvatore, to Athens.  The General Secretary has asked all the sections to discuss how we can achieve this. I would like to invite all members of the Genloc Standing Committee to contribute ideas and proposals in the comment field to this blog page (below). You may also write directly to me, Petro or Cecilia.

Comments from individual and institutional members of the Genloc Section are also welcome.

Bozena Rasmussen


I’d like to start with a few comments myself. First of all: IFLA meetings should be arranged every second or every third year rather than every year. More time between meetings would reduce the cost of participation as well as the administrative burden on officers and SC members. The cost is a big barrier for librarians from the South and from smaller libraries. We would also have time to prepare better papers and presentations.

To develop a connected library field we should be more “geographically” inclusive when we choose SC members and officers. We should also encourage professional collaboration and mentorship between countries. This may include travel grants for trainee and exchange periods, practical help with content and language editing, translation assistance (e.g. from Spanish to English)

9th March 2017.