Change of the Section Name

Our Standing Committee would like to inform that the name of our section was changed from Genealogy and Local History – to Local History and Genealogy.

We have been discussing the issue after we we have been approached by several colleagues from Malaysia during IFLA world meeting in Kuala Lumpur.

They suggested that Local History is a broader term, potentially reaching more people, and should therefore be put first.

If we write Local History and Genealogy, Genealogy in this form will be more a part of the Local History.

Our Malaysian colleagues have also argued that their libraries are very much involved – and identify with – local history communities. Their genealogy field has another history and form that in the West, as they traditionally cultivate oral genealogy and history. We see the same challenge in African countries.

Our colleagues think it would be easier for their institutions to join our section if we change the name.

December 9th, 2018.

Chihfeng P. Lin
IFLA’s SC Local History and Genealogy

Cecilia Salvatore

Petro Coreejes-Brink

Bozena Rasmussen