Columbus 2016 – SC Minutes

MINUTES – GENEALOGY AND LOCAL HISTORY (GENLOC) STANDING COMMITTEE –  Business meeting held on Sunday 14th August 2016 at the Ohio Convention Center, Columbus.


  1. Welcome
  2. Minutes 2015
  3. Genealogy and Local History, main session on Monday, 15th August
    3.1 Fort Wayne
  1. IFLA program (GENLOC) WROCAW 2017
    4.1. Satellite Meeting 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania
  2. Action plan 2015/2016
    5.1. Annual report
  3. Action plan 2016/2017
    6.1. Projects and Funds
  4. Nominations/ Elections for the next term
  5. Membership
    8.1 Campaign- More members
  1. Additional

    1. Welcome

    The business meeting of the Genealogy and Local History Section begun at 10: 00 am with the Chair, Bozena welcoming all members. She Introduced herself and then asked all members present to introduce themselves as well. Members were also asked to write their names on a paper for record purposes.

    During the meeting, the Chair asked for suggestions for the meeting and one member asked for the history of the GENLOC section.

    In regard to the above, it was said that the GENLOC section was 14 years old. It was mentioned too, that in 2015, the Standing Committee had only 5 members, the committee currently comprises 17 members pluss 5 corresponding members. One of the committee members warmly congratulated Bozena for the hard work and effort she put in to see that the activities of the section were moving very well.

       2.   Minutes 2015

    Munutes from 2015 were already published on the Genealogy and Local History blog:

    1. Main Session on Monday, 15th August

    All were informed that the GENLOC’s main session was going to be held on Monday between 1:45-3:00pm. Members were encouraged to call upon people to attend. In regard to the presentations, it was informed that the session would have “pecha kucha” form followed by a discussion. Bozena asked Miss Monica Naluwooza (acting as the secretary under the meeting) to inform more about the pecha kucha which she did.

            3.1. Fort Wayne

The Meeting was informed about the pre-conference in Fort Wayne and the organizers were thanked, the Allen County Public Library. About 60 people turned up for the preconference which was encouraging.

It was suggested that the results of the Preconference held in  Fort Wayne should be published on the web.

           4.   IFLA program (GENLOC) for WROCAW 2017

Chair talked about next year’s IFLA conference. She informed that she had already talked to the National Library in Lithuania which agreed to sponsor the Satellite Meeting.

It was emphasized that main session to be held in Poland, had got space for outside the conference center where IFLA will be. This was aimed at having more time for the GENLOC section. Bozena  would officially communicate to the IFLA Head Quarters to get their permission.

4.1   Satellite meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania

It was informed that the topic for next year’s pre- conference was:  “The challenge of multiple identities. Multi-ethnicity in genealogy, local history and regional memory. Connections and challenges for libraries and other memory institutions.” Bozena suggested to announce and promote the topics early enough,  starting on Monday 15th August 2016. This was aimed at “marketing” section’s activities.

  1. Action plan 2015/2016

Mr. Frederick Zarndt from the Professional Committee was also introduced. He encouraged SC to use the Action Plan using the IFLA template and publish on IFLA web. He also encouraged section to collaborate with other IFLA sections. The Chair then informed him that GENLOC was already collaborating with Asia and Oceania section and had plans to collaborate with the New Professionals (NPSIG). The chair said she would cooperate with all members  of SC in order to finish the Action Plan and upload on IFLA web. She also informed about the new members from Africa and Asia on the Standing Committee.

5.1. Annual report

The treasurer of the GENLOC section, Joyce Jelks, reported that there was money (100 euros) to be claimed for the costs incurred like printing. She informed the meeting that the Chair can fill up a reimbursement form to get back her printing costs.

  1. Action plan 2016/2017

It was then concluded that the topic about Genealogy for children and teenagers should be included in the next action plan.

6.1.  Projects and Funds

  • *    Supporting the project in Uganda on Genealogy and Local History.

It was then discussed that members should solicit and look around for funding of such projects. In regard to the project in Uganda, a member asked the possible time when the Uganda project could start and the Chair said she would communicate to the members when all plans conclude.

  1. Nominations/ Elections for next term

Members suggested to have the nominations before January 2017.

Members suggested to get a list of members from IFLA to solicit for more committee members. The chair encouraged members to reach out to others for publicity.

  1. Membership

It was also suggested to email all the ideas to the Standing Committee for discussion which should be done by September 2016.

8.1. Campaign- More members

  • A member suggested to the meeting that the Chair should still to go through the big Organizations like American Library Association to get more committee members for a wider representation.

  • Professor Takashi Nagatsuka from Japan was then introduced to the meeting as a potential candidate for the Standing Committee for the next term. Helen E, Gbala, from United States, as another potential new member of SC was also introduced to the meeting.

    1.  Additional
  • Chair informed the Meeting that Miss Monica Naluwooza from Nigeria,  was acting as secretary of the committee as the official Secretary Kathryn J. Philip, from Nigeria and the Information Coordinator Petro Coreejes-Brink from South Africa, were not present at the conference in Columbus. She further informed members that the speaker  from Iran could not come as well and suggested that they mention the title of her paper even if she was absent.
  • She  also informed the committee that it was very hard to attend the conference especially for the participants from Africa and Asia. A member suggested that such participants could get it virtually and or get a recording that could be listened  to or viewed. In addition, another member suggested to have an approximate cost of the attendance of the conference early enough in order to plan. It was then suggested that the should inquire to find out if it is okay to video record someone for the presentation so that others who are not able to attend can get the presentations.
  • Bozena further told the meeting about a colleague of Helen Gbala who was interested in children’s library. She asked Mrs Helen to elaborate about an idea of having a children’s program and suggested to have speakers on children’s libraries and genealogies.
  • Then prof. Takashi was tasked to find out where we could host the preconference for 2018 that could be close to the main conference that will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Someone then suggested to have a session from Family Search on genealogy and the children and the teenagers.

  • Meeting ended at 12:15 pm.

    Written by Monica Naluwooza


    Those who attended the Meeting: