Action Plan 2015-2016

Action plan for Genealogy and local history 2015-2016

Objectives: What are we going to achieve this year?

1.  Encourage institutions with heritage collections (libraries, archives, museums and others) to make use of the Social Web in order to meet the needs of modern users. Develop their understanding of the relevance of the Social Web for their mission. Encourage the corresponding cultural change from an internal to an external focus. Collection and preservation are not ends in themselves, but are required in order to provide participatory services for contemporary users.

2.  Promote cooperation between institutional sectors (libraries, archives and museums) and between social sectors (public, private, civic). Strengthen links with genealogical societies.

3.  Improve cooperation between countries and world regions in the field of family, oral and local history.

4.  Engage our section members (beyond the SC delegates) more actively in the work carried out by the SC. Support projects of interest to members, provide contacts and information, promote mentoring and “best practices”.

5.  Recruit more members to our section from national associations, institutions and committed individuals. Promote diversity with regard to ethnic groups, minorities, countries and world regions.


 Ad 1.
– Main Session WLIC 2016, in Columbus Ohio (16-18 August).

The topic for Genloc’s main session, convened in cooperation with the Asia and Oceania Section reflects the relevance of the Social Web for libraries, archives and museums.
Responsibilities: Sonia Pacheco will be the principal convener of the session.

– Satellite Meeting in Fort Wayne (10-11 August), programme together with Allen County Public Library, topic: “Awesome Resources Genealogy and Local History Services Worldwide in the 21st Century”.

Responsibilities: Michael J. Hall is responsible for the session. Russell Lynch is a contact.

We have proposed a one day workshop (Digital Stories: current tools and methods for digital production and promotion of materials in family, local and oral history) as an additional event in connection with the satellite meeting in Fort Wayne. The workshop has been planned in collaboration with incoming SC members from Africa.
Responsible: Bozena Rasmussen, Tord Høivik Norway and Monica Naluwooza (Uganda).

Ad 2.
– This spring we will develop training materials on digital stories as part of an e-learning course conducted by a Norwegian University library in Oslo. Colleagues from Norway and Uganda will take part in the production. The materials will be available for training workshops anywhere, and will also be offered as an open on-line course, through the Open EdX e-learning platform. We will seek financial support for African participants from IFLA and other sources in early 2016.
Responsible: Makerere University Library (Agnes Namaganda, Monica Naluwooza, Haliimah Nabuuma) and Bozena Rasmussen (Genloc) and Tord Høivik contact for (LatinaLab).  

Ad 5.
– At the WLIC in Cape Town (2015) the Genloc SC was able to recruit a fair number of membership candidates from African and East European countries (South Africa, Uganda, Belorus and Lithuania).

– We plan a marketing campaign starting this December in order to get more Section members.

Responsible: Bozena Rasmussen. Marketing team is being established.