Genloc Organization

Know How – experiences, advices & standards about organizing Genloc Ifla Wlic conferences

Organizing Satellite Meetings:

1. Choice of place
2. Defining the topic for the meeting

3. Call for Papers
3.1 Submission Forms. Each meeting has to create new forms for submission of proposals (Google Forms). Link to the submission forms should be included in the Call for Papers text.

4. Publishing text: Call for Papers

4. 1 First of all, the Call for Papers will be published on the IFLA WLIC website, new website for each conference year. A separate editors group is responsible for editing conference texts send by the sections. Section sends their text to this editor group. The editor informs Section when the text gets published and ask Section to check the published text for mistakes. (Remember, editors get many texts from all IFLA sections and it is easy to make a mistake). There are to places the text i published, the Short Text, the Title, which is placed in News and the whole text under meny Satellite Meetings. One has to check the published text both places (Sophie Felföldi is responsible for the site)

4.2 Information on IFLA Org. web site. Each section is responsible for editing this site and has it’s own editor. It is Petro who has editor rights to Genloc pages. Here, too are two places one has to publish Call for Papers text. One, a short info in News and the whole text on Genloc’s page. So here too, we have to publish information for both conferences: the Satellite Meeting and the main open session.

4.3 Call for Papers should also be published and spread through IFLA mail server (IFLA-L), then to the members of Genealogy and Local History Section on GENLOC, on Ifla mail server and to GENLOC2 for members of Genloc Standing Committee. That text should be edited. In addition one can send the text to the national library mail servers in different countries and regions, contacting people one knows in different countries. In this way we can spread information about the topic and the conference to many professionals in the whole world.

4. Deadline for submissions
Deadline for submission of the proposals can be extended. In 2017, Genloc has extended deadline a few times. As time goes, you can see how many submissions you get. The best is to get as many proposals as possible. Some presenters get sick or be prevented because of sickness or some other cause at home, some will not be able to get a financial support etc. there maybe many reasons why a presenter will not be coming to the conference.

My experience is also that sometimes the proposal abstract does not give a correct picture of the presentation and will not be selected. In my opinion, it is better to choose more proposals – and in case the “weaker ones” one can advice how to improve it – it is a good time (May, June, July) in order to develop the proposal for the final presentation in August. And I think that the form for presentation, a lightning talk, 7-8 minutes’ presenting the main highlights from the project…


5. Organizing main meetings at IFLA WLIC:
It requires only work with defining the topic for the open session, as the place for the meeting is at the congress hall.


5. 1 Organizing Off-site meetings:
Sometimes it is good to organize meeting at off-site and not at the conference facilities. For that, one has to apply for permission from Ifla HQ. Ifla does not like very much off site meetings, but if one have good reasons, one can go for it. Off-site conferences, like Satellite meetings requires a lot of work. Place for conference should be chosen carefully, it should be easy accessible for the delegates. As SC do not have financial means, one has to find the institution which is willing to sponsor such a conference. If one chooses not to take any conference fee, which is the best, as the delegates pay already for their travel, accommodation etc., so no conference fee opens for more delegate to come. Some sponsors cover the basic conference costs like: conference room, technical services and volunteers for the conference, name badges etc., and even tea, coffee and mineral water, while the delegates pay for their lunch, dinner etc.

These type of costs it is easy to cover by any institution, usually it is best to ask the National library or any other institution in such a place, suitable for that purpose.

Name Badges

Registration of the participants (by the institution), it should be also linked to the other published texts about the event (IFLA website + Ifla org., genloc blog etc.)


5.2 Satellite Meeting

requires the same type of effort as for preparing the Off-site conference.