Nomination process 2015-2019

The nomination process by 6th of December 2015.

We have recruited in Cape Town, quite many new candidates who are willing to be on our section Genealogy and local history (Genloc) Standing Committee. We have 20 names for SC Members and 10 for Corresponding Members.

I understand that our section got special treatment so that we could fill the required number of SC members (not fewer than 10 and maximum 20). We are also supposed to have more members in our section.We were in danger to be dissolved as the Section and could be transformed into Special Interest Group, with other rights. We could become Section again later on, when we get more Members.

Here I cite some of the important IFLA’s Rules, which define which is important to know, as we have to apply them in our situation now (to get nominations for our candidates, to recruit more members to our section)

Section members

Membership R18.3:
“Each Section consists of those Members, Affiliates and Bodies with Consultative Status …If the membership of the Section falls below the minimum of forty members, the Professional Committee shall determine a time frame within which this number should be attained, failing which the Committee may decide to disband the Section, merge it with another, or to convert it to a Special Interest Group.” 

(Personally, I think that the language it is written, is difficult to understand, for example what “Bodies with Consultative Status” means…)

Standing Committee

Standing Committees R18.4:
“Each Section shall have a Standing Committee of no fewer than ten and no more than twenty persons. If a Section fails to elect a minimum of ten Standing Committee members, the Professional Committee shall determine a 
timeframe within which this number should be attained …

“No person shall be a member of more than one Standing Committee, except that a person may be a member of the Standing Committee of a Regional Section in addition to one other Standing Committee, or, if serving as the Convener of a Special Interest Group, may serve additionally as a co-opted members of the Standing Committee of the Section that sponsors that Special Interest Group.”

“Members of the Standing Committee shall serve for an initial term of four years. Members may be re-elected for one further consecutive term of four years.”

Nominations and elections

“The Standing Committee members shall be nominated and elected by qualified Members of the Section.”  R18.7.1:“No more than two members of a Regional Standing Committee may be resident outside the region concerned.”

“Each qualified member of a Section shall be invited by the Secretary General to nominate not more than one candidate for election to fill the vacancies on the Standing Committee.

“Each candidate for election shall be nominated by at least one qualified member”.

Nominations in writing and signing by (…) the nominating Member must reach the Secretary General by the deadline indicated by the invitation. Such deadline shall be no earlier than three month after the despatch of the invitation”

Nominations shall confirm that the nominee:  R18.11.1: has a working knowledge of at least one working language of the Federation, and R18.11.2: has reasonable expectation of attending meetings of the Standing Committee without cost to the Federation.

Nominations should be accompanied by:
R18.12.1 confirmation
 that the nominee accepts the nomination, and
R18.12.2: a brief summary of the nominee’s qualifications and present position.

Corresponding Members

Standing Committee may appoint up to five Corresponding Members to provide for experts from countries or geographical areas, which would not otherwise be represented, or to provide expertise in a specific subject field. Such members shall be appointed for an initial two-year term, renewable for one further term of two years on the decision of the chair.

Corresponding Members shall be entitled to participate and speak in Standing Committee meetings, but have no voting rights.  They do not contribute to a quorum.

Section Officers, see R18.32-R18.35.
Handling over responsibilities, see R18.36.
Finances, see R 18.37-18.38.
Standing Committee Meetings, see R18.41-18.43.

Powers and responsibilities
R18.44: The terms of reference of each Section shall be promoted and coordinated  by its Standing Committee, and executed within the limits of the approved budget.

R18.45: Each Section shall develop a programme, carry out projects and organize meetings in order to fulfill its terms of reference.
R18.46: Each Section shall keep those Members and Affiliates registered for the Section informed about the planning and progress of its activities.
R18.47: Each Section may establish ad hoc Working Groups either independently or in combination with other Sections.
R18.48: Each Section shall ensure that all information which the Division to which it belongs need for the performance of its tasks reaches the Division promptly, including the submission of an annual report.

R19. Registration for Sections (Art.16)
R19.1: Membership of and affiliation to the Federation includes the right of registration for Section. The Governing Board shall determine for how many Sections Members and Affiliates may register without charge, subject to the following minimum numbers: R19.1.1: All Members other than Honorary Fellows shall be entitled to register for at least two Sections without additional charge.
(…) R19.1.3:
Affiliates shall be entitled to register for one Section without additional charge.
R19.5: Registration for a Section carries the following rights and benefits:
R19.5.1: the right to nominate for, and elect to, the Standing Committee of the Section, and the right to vote in meetings of the Section;
R19.5.2: the right to take part in and benefit from professional activities of the Section and of the Division to which the Section belongs, including the receipt of any free publication, and inclusion in the mailing list of the Section.

R23.6: Members shall be listed in the Members Directory and other official IFLA lists using the country name and code assigned by IFLA.