2015 Cape Town – Minutes SCII

Minutes from Genealogy and Local History Standing Committee II – Meeting on 20th of August 2015, Cape Town 

  1. Welcome and Introductions by Michael Hall.Thank you to presenters at session 164 – joint session with Asia and Oceania (SI).
  2. Russ Lynch and Bozena Rasmussen agreed to work together to find and assist organizations to appoint individuals to the Standing Committee.
    NOTE: The Standing Committee needs to get enough individuals appointed in order to remain as a Standing Committee.
  3. Elections were held with the following individuals elected:
     Bozena Rasmussen (Norway): Chair
     Kathryn Philip (Nigeria): Secretary
     Nasreen Moosa Khan (South Africa): Information Coordinator
     Joyce Jelks (United States): Treasurer
     Agnes Namaganda (Uganda): Newsletter Editor
  4.  The Standing Committee approved to support the following as a project headed by Laila Hussein Moustafa (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States):– Project
    In South Africa and African countries there is a need for broad based Family
    and Oral History Societies. This means that national societies in this field
    should seek affiliation from ethnic communities. We should promote research and publications in schools, universities and voluntary organizations. In this
    connection the Genealogy and Local History Standing Committee would like to
    express its strong support for the project to create an International Repository for Oral Genealogies and Local Histories.- To send the following amendment to “FLA’s Strategic Directions 2016-2021:
       Strategic Direction 1. Libraries in Society …”.
    We suggest to change it to: ”Strategic Direction 2016-2021: 1. Libraries in Knowledge Society”.
  5. Discussed Satellite Conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana 2016 – Michael Hall (United States) will be IFLA representative for this conference.
  6. Standing Committee approved working with the Asia and Oceania (SI) on a joint program session at
    IFLA 2016 in Columbus, Ohio
  7. A committee was formed to discuss possible topics for the joint session:
     Michael J. Hall (United States) GenLoc:  
        Chair for the committee
     Nasreen Moosa Khan (South Africa) GenLoc: 
        Chair for the 2016 joint session 
     Ingrid Thomson (United States) GenLoc      
     Joyce Jelks (United States) GenLoc      
     Takashi Nagatsuka (Japan) Asian and Oceania (SI)
     Chihfeng P. Lin (China) Asian and Oceania (SI)

   8. The Standing Committee adjourned and pictures were taken.

The suggested  amendment from Bozena was accepted at the meeting, but I write down my argumentation, especially for those members who were not present:

  • The word Society, as proposed in the Strategy Document, is very general. We are already living in a postmodern time and society. We are aware that our natural resources like oil are not going to be the main basis for our economy in the near future.  The future economy is going to be based on knowledge as the main resource. We are expected to develop a knowledge society, as we are all moving towards a Global Knowledge Economy.

    By defining libraries in the context of knowledge society, and proposing this for use in IFLA’s Strategy Document, we are being precise and we are pointing out the direction for our future sustainable development. The idea is not new, of course – it was for instance developed and used by Finland a few years ago.

Those present at the meeting:

  1. Halimah Nabuuma, Makerere University, Uganda
  2. Agnes  Namaganda, Makerere University, Uganda
  3. Renaldas Gudauskas, National Library of Lithuania
  4. Joyce Jelks, retired librarian, Atlanta, GA
  5. Juan-Paul Burke, University of Cape Town, South Africa
  6. Petro Careejes-Brink, CPUT, South Africa
  7. Laila Hussein Moustafa, University of Illnois at Urbana, United States
  8. Nasreen Moosa Khan, South African History Online (SAHO), South Africa
  9. Ingrid Thomson, University of Cape Town, South Africa
  10. Bozena Rasmussen, Norway
  11. Michael J. Hall, United States
  12. Takashi Nagatsuka, Tsurumi University, Japan
  13. Chihfeng P. Lin, Shih Hsin University (SHU), Taiwan
  14. Kathryn Philip, Nigeria
  15. Russell Lynch, United States

The list of candidates – new Members of SC:

1.  William Welbourne, Marguette University, WI, United States
Petro Coreejes-Brink, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa
Nikiwe Momoti, Director Archive Western Cape, South Africa
Renaldas Gudauskas, Director General, National Library of Lithuania
Agnes Namaganda, Makerere University, Uganda
Haliimah Nabuuma, Makarere University, Uganda
Monica Naluwooza, Makarere University Uganda
Poland, …
Laila Hussein Moustafa, University of Illinois at Urbana, United States
Nasreen  Moosa Khan, Researcher Librarian/
Content Manager, South African History Online (SAHO), South Africa
Joyce E. Jelks, AFPL, Atlanta  GA (Georgia), United States
12.  Takashi Nagatsuka, Tsurumi University, Japan
Chihfeng P. Lin, Shih University (SHU), Taiwan
Ingrid Thomsen, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Michael J. Hall, Utah, United States
Kathryn Philip, University of Uyo, Nigeria
Bozena Rasmussen, Retired Librarian, Norway
Ahmed Johnson, Genealogist Librarian, Library of Congress,
Washington D.C., United States

The list of Corresponding Members:

  1. Frank Kirkwood, Ottawa, Canada
Mattye Laverne Page, Library of Congress, Washington D.C.,United States
3. Russell Lynch, Family Search org., United State
Elizabeth Melrose, Retired Librarian, United Kingdom
5. Jae-Sup Pak, Inje University, Korea

The list of previous Members (IFLA’s web, dated 20.08.2015)- to verify:

  1. Anne Burrows, State Library of Victoria, Australia
Arun Kumar Chakraborty, Bose Institute, Kolkata, India
Susan Laura Lugo, C.A., Virgin Islands
Hsiao-ming Yu, National Central Library, Taiwan
Robert Murdoch, Brigham Young University, United States
Louise McCarron, National Library of Scotland, United Kingdom (Corr.Member)
Gu Yan, Shanghai Library, China (Corr.Member)

(11.10.2015, Bozena Rasmussen)