Satellite Meeting 2018 Penang

IFLA Genealogy and Local History Section joint with the Asia and Oceania Section


“Local Histories and Genealogies in a Multicultural World

23rd August 2018


George Town, Penang, Malaysia (Bangunan UAB, Event Hall (ground floor), No 21-25 Gat Lebuh China, George Town World Heritage Site, 10300 Penang), Host organization: Areca Books/Think City, Asia and Oceania Section,  in  cooperation with the following institutions/organizations: Penang Heritage Trust, Wawasan Open University and Penang State Public Library Corporation.

Persons responsible for the pre-conference: Chihfeng P. Lin, Takashi Nagatsuka, Rashidah Begum and Khoo Salma

Information about the conference & registration:


  1. Dr. Takashi Nagatsuka, Japan: “The Relationships and Linkages among Digital Collections and Libraries in Japan”
  2. Dr. Nei-Ching Yeh & Dr. Chihfeng P. Lin, Taiwan: “Study on Hurdles of Genealogy Collection Development in Taiwan: A journey to Explore the Path of Ancestors”
  3. Zanaria Saupi Udin, Hassan  Tanjehi, Juhaida  Abdul Rahim & Siti Mawarni Salim, Malaysia: ” Online Exhibition on a Shoestring”
  4. Wan Ahmad Hanis b. Wan Yahya, Malaysia: “Oral History Programs: Wayang Kulit Seri Asun (Shadow Puppetry)
  5. Yonea Sabatiani, Febriyanto, Tamara Adiani Salim, Indonesia: “The Utilization of Rare Indonesian Local Church History Collection: Case Study of Jakarta Theological School”
  6. Maitrayee Ghosh, Mahatma Gandhi, India: ” Archival policy in corporate archives in India”
  7. Salma Khoo, Malaysia: “George Town and The Penang Story”

BR 7th June, 2018.