SC Meeting Agenda Athens

IFLA- Local History & Genealogy Collection Section (LocGen)

SC Meetings, WLIC 2019, Athens
August 24, 2019 – at Athens College, 215*
August 28, 2019 – Business Meeting Room 2

  1. Welcome, Introduction, and Apologies (Chair)
  2. Call for additions to the agenda.
    Adoption of agenda (Chair)
  3. Confirmation of the Minutes of the 2018 SC Meetings, Apologies (Chair)

    4.  Matters that need to be addressed now
    4.1 Increase the membership to the minimum required
    4.1a Timeline/Assignments for recruitment

    5. Election Results (Chair)
    5.1 LocGen SC Members nomination and elections for 2019-2023
    5.2 Elections for LocGen Chair and Secretary for 2019-2021
    5.3 Election of Division II Chair for 2019-2021
    5.4 Election for IFLA Governing Board for 2019-2021
    5.5 Election for IFLA President-elect

    6. Assignments (Chair)
    6.1 Information Coordinator
    6.2 Corresponding Members
    6.3 Regional Conveners

    7. Report from the Chair, IFLA- LocGen
    7.1 August 21-22, Local History and Genealogy Collection Section
    Satellite Conference, University Library Svetozar Markovic, Belgrade,
    Serbia (Organizers)
    7.2 2019 ICLC Changsha (Chair)

    8. Report from the Information Coordinator

    9. Update on Officers Briefing, Other Meetings at WLIC, IFLA 2019 (Chair, Secretary)

    10. Action Plan 2019 – 2021
    10.1 Introduction of Action Plan and Focus Areas10.2 Focus Area 1: Build on the stories of those working with local history
    and genealogy collections to produce high quality, high impact tools
    that demonstrate to external audiences the contribution of these
    collections to development.10.3 Focus Area 2: Identify current standard practices and local history and
    genealogy collections so as to develop guidelines and other resources
    that will foster good professional practice.

    10.4. Focus Area 3: Identify and implement strategies that will enable
    managers, curators, and librarians of local history and genealogy
    collections to network and collaborate virtually so that they can be a
    stronger voice in the global conversation about the power of
    information resources.

    11. Other Business, if any (Chair, Secretary)
    11.1 Collaboration with another IFLA section on a joint 2020 satellite

    12. Close of the Meeting (Chair)

Chihfeng P. Lin (Chair), Cecilia L. Salvatore (Secretary), 20th August 2019.