Bozena’s corner

Genlock members – on the way to the Satellite Meeting (10-11 August) in Fort Wayne

Tuesday 9th August:
Yesterday we landed in Chicago, Monica Naluwooza, me and my husband Tord. Today we hire the car and shall drive to Fort Wayne (about 3 hrs driving). Outside is pouring with rain, so we are a little disappointed, we expected a warm summer weather. It is my first journey here (over sea, as we call it in Europe).

This is 6.00pm, we are arrived, at least in Fort Wayne, we found the lodging and are resting. The first part of the way, the weather was gradually improving. We did not feel how warm it was outside, as long as we were in the car. But, when we were outside, there must have been nearly 30 degrees (in Celsius, of course). The heat here reminded me of the stay in Uganda, Kampala in 2012 (and Latina workshop at Makerere University Library). It was my first trip to Africa. So Uganda will always be special for me, the first introduction to African continent.

Now, it is the first trip to American continent. USA is a vast country. Everything is  huge here. On the way to Fort Wayne we stopped to eat in small Mexican restaurants. I did not taste a native food like that. I enjoyed it. We have taken many pictures on the way, which I intend to publish on our twitter: #WLIC2016Genloc:

Now, all three of us, drive to find out where Allen County Public Library is situated and afterwards find a place to eat our dinner. We drive to the library, then we discovered it was just a branch of the library, not the main library where the conference supposed to be. After we got more information and with help of GPS, we finally found the Allen County Public Library. But it was already dark, difficult to drive round and look for a place to eat, so we decided to eat anywhere there was some food. We ended at Wendy. We were exhausted and hungry. The food was not very good…

Today is Thursday, August 11, we have already the first day of the pre-conference behind. The program was rich and interesting, but exhausting as it lasted the whole day, until nearly 5.00pm. I took a lot of pictures, talked to the speakers and did marketing of our main session in Columbus on Monday. We talked even about the program for next year in Wroclaw. It seems many have thought to come to Poland and to Vilnius, where our pre-conference is going to take place. Well, people plan a year before. I am glad Genloc printed leaflets about the next year program.

Let us concentrate now on today’s program, Unconference Day:

After welcome and Good Morning from Curt Witcher, ACPL, all of us were invited to suggest the topics we want to discuss.