Travel tips

As many GENLOC delegates are planning to travel to IFLA WLIC 2017 Wroclaw, and to our Satellite Meeting in Vilnius 16-17 August (Lithuania), from the different world regions and countries – and maybe many of you for the first time to Lithuania and Poland, here we would like to share with you, our own travel experiences and tips:


Searching for hotel rooms is facilitated by search engines like


My husband and I, mostly find lodgings through:
where we can rent a nice flat for the price of an ordinary hotel room (and where rooms are maybe half the price of standard tourist hotels).
Airbnb tends to be particularly economical when a small group of people (3-6 – or even larger) travel together.
If you want to try airbnb, please read both their general guidelines and the rules that apply to the place you want to book – carefully.   Regulations are a bit more complicated than for hotel bookings.


The best way to reach the Satellite Meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania – usually is to take a direct flight to Vilnius. But, because the International Airport in Vilnius is closed this time from 14th of July to 18th of August (being modernized), the best way is to take a flight from Warsaw International Airport (Chopin) and take a flight to Kaunas Airport (Lithuania) – and then by buss, train or taxi:

How to travel from Kaunas to Vilnius?
By bus: Kaunas Airport Express. Bus schedule is coordinated with Ryanair flight schedule and serves every flight. You can buy tickets here:
By train: city bus No. 29 from Kaunas Airport to Kaunas Train station. From Kaunas train station to Vilnius by train. Train timetable:
One-way trip – around € 6.

To travel in Vilnius and Kaunas you can use taxi services:
Online taxi booking:
Taxi booking by phone:  Smart taxi – Vilnius: +370 520 00 820, Smart taxi – Kaunas:  +370 37 29 1821.

For more details, see the Practical information  on the Vilnius Conference website.


You will be able to book the flight Vilnius – Wroclaw already on 18th of August, when we are supposed to travel to IFLA in Wroclaw. (My husband and I, had already booked tickets through Polish Airlines LOT: 18 aug 15:30 Vilnius (VNO) – 18 aug 16:30 Warsaw (WAW) – 18 aug 17:25 Wroclaw (WRO). The flight takes about two hours and the prize is about 220 US $ per person.

 As we already suggested before, the best way would be to travel, for example, fro Taipei to Warsaw, Poland (when using travel search engine: MOMONDO, for dates TAIPEI – WARSAW 11-25 August):
option1:   Air China TPE 13:00 Taipei  – 1 stop – 23 h 20 m WAW 06:20 Warsaw
                   Air China  WAW 13:55 Warsaw – 1 stop – 15 h 50 m 11:45 TPE Taipei
                   price about 700 GBP
Option 2: Hainan Airline, Air China TPE 19:15 Taipei – 1 stop 17 h 05 m 06:20 Warsaw WAW
                   Air China    WAW 13:55 Warsaw – 1 stop 15 h 50 m 11.45 Taipei TPE
                   price about 936 GBP


     A lot of cheap flights, like this on Saturday August 25:
     LOT Polish Airlines  WRO Wroclaw 09:00 55 min direct 09:55 WAW Warsaw,
     price about 20 US $

24th February 2017, BR